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Mille-Rod Attachments

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Your Mille-Rod set, no matter the size or whether they're Glow or Standard, come with the first 5 attachments listed below, all included in the tube. You can purchase them separately for an existing push-pull rod set with 1/4" threads, or maybe add the Glow version to a standard Mille-Rod you already own.  (Buy now:  Below the Hook, Eyes, Claw and Bullet descriptions check out our optional attachment sets designed to make your next job even easier.


The Hook:


The Hook

The Hook is probably the most useful "around the house" attachment. Sure, it's great for snagging small guage wires    and cables as you see in the photo, but I've used for everything from grabbing hanger that have fallen behind the dryer to fishing things that have rolled under the sofa.




The Claw:


As you can see from this photo, the Claw is your heavy duty option. Virtually indestructable, you will typically use the Claw to pull heavier guage wire. This attachment will be your choice for running Romex, larger ground wire and probably those HDMI cables for your new flat screen.




The Eyes:

Eye1You do get 2 eyes, one with a round tip and one square. They both fulfill the same thread your speaker, low voltage or other small wires through, twist and pull. Also great for thicker stranded wire that you can "un-twist" part of to thread through.




The Bullet:

BulletThe Bullet is definitely the "sleeper" attachment. You won't really get how useful it is until you actually try to push the rods through insulation or under carpet. It really frees the Mille-Rod sets from snagging and pulling any material your pushing through.




Magnet & Chain:

Magnet__Chain2The Magnet and Chain are a great way to extend the reach of your Mille-Rod set. Just put the chain attachment on the end of your rod set and it adds 18" of reach. Use the Magnet attachment on another rod to easily  locate the chain and make that connection.

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