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Lifetime Guarantee

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Mille-Rod Polymer rods are so strong yet so flexible they can withstand years and years of daily use.

We are so confident in the performance of our Rods that we now offer a Lifetime, No Hassle Replacement Guarantee!

If for any reason your Mille-Rod polymer rod or attachment should break or no longer operate effectively simply send back the defective part along with the appropriate handling and postage costs (just $1.50 per item within North America) and we will send you a new part by return mail to:

Mille-Com Products
701 S. Howard Avenue, #106427,
Tampa, FL. 33606
Attn: Returns
About Bubbles:
If you've selected one of our glow in the dark Mille-Rod sets you may notice that there are bubbles visible inside the rods. Don't Worry! They in no way impact performance. We've tested these for strenght, bendiness, glowiosity, underwater, in space and dragged behind a bicycle and they are just fine! (okay, not really, but you get the point). The bubbles are just a side effect of the manufacturing process. In fact, there are actually bubbles in ALL the polymer rods, you just can't see them! So feel free to put them to the test.