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Professional Review

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Last year we submitted the new Mille-Rod polymer push pull rod for review a real pro and have just gotten the results! Terry Peterman has done every kind of electrical work possible, and has been an electrical contractor for almost 30 years. Not only that, but he now has one of the most popular websites for the DIYer to get sound advice and basic instruction at .

Check out his review of the Mille-Rods here:


Customer Comment

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We love to hear from our customers! We use some comments to help improve the Mille-Rod sets, like the ones that inspired us to replace the gender changer with the Claw in the standard attachments. Some we just file under the "so far, so good" heading :)

Here's what one customer in PA had to say:

I Really Like the Mille-Rods because they are so compact and thread together easily vs. glo-sticks and they fit in the tool box! I do commercial and residential construction also, so I guarantee we will be using them on those jobs....Money Well Spent!

Thanks Again Mark!


EHX Trade Show - Orlando

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If you're going to EHX in Orlando this week (, be sure to see one of our Mille-Rod partners, Quest Technology International ( at booth 524. You'll get a chance to see my SECOND favorite product, Premiere's Raceway on a Roll.


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Mille-Rod Home Use

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After moving from our old house after a complete renovation I'll admit I haven't had too many chances to use the Mille-Rods, but MAN did they come in handy today!

Our TV is sitting on top of an Ikea special I personally mounted to the wall last year. all the cables from the TV run down behing the wall unit, behind an interior shelf and then to the power strip, etc. You can see in the AFTER picture below, there used to be speakers on either side of the TV, with wired running behind. The Wii, that you can barely see on the left of the TV, was plugged into the wall behind the vas on the left. You could see was pretty ugly. The goal was to run the power supply into the cabinet with the rest of the big deal, except that I couldn't feed the plug behind the TV and through the hole - no helper today to grab it and I couldn't reach.








So here's what I did:

I only needed a few feet of reach so I put together one black, one round red and one flat red of the MIle-Rods. I used the Claw attachment at the end because the power feed on the Wii fit really nicely into it. You can see below that I basically plugged the unit in, then ran the Mille-Rods down the back. You see on the left I was able to just leave the Rods stuck in there while I attached the plug; smaller pic on the right.













The Rods were still successfully stuck behind the cabinet with the power plug for the Wii still attached. So..I pulled it up.











Pushed the rods through the back, attached the wire, pulled it back. That's why they're called "push-pull rods".

Easy project, but it would have been a serious pain without the Mille-Rods! In this case, a 6' professional rod would have been really awkward to use, so even the fact that I could customize the length was helpful.

For more information you can e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or just go here to order now:




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We'd like to welcom to the Mille-Rod family! You can not only buy the Mille-Rod in their store, but you can also get some great advice and read lots of How-To articles on home electrical work. Here's their review of the Mille-Rods:


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Millepede and our partners introduced both the Mille-Tie cable and wire tie and the Mille-Rod pushpull rod, to the Cable TV marketplace at the annual Cable-Tec Expo that took place in New Orleans this year. SCTE, the Society of Cable Television Egineers, puts on a trade show once per year where new techology vendors and their customers come to explore new technologies and products on the market.


The Mille-Tie was a huge hit! Every booth and customer had some need for the releasable, reusable cable tie that has replaced zip ties and Velcro in so many networking applications. The Mille-Tie is perfect for Cable TV for the same reasons it works for the networking world:

  • It will never crush your cable - when using zip ties, it's easy to overtighten and that damages cables of all kinds which leads to signal loss.
  • No Cuts -When you cut zip ties and the throw away the excess, it leaves a sharp plastic tip that frequently cuts the installers hands, the Mille-Tie will never do this!
  • Waste-free - You've cleaned up the discarded ends of zip ties I'm sure. With Mille-Tie, just bring a standard 12" tie and use it whatever portion you need..then use the rest! There's no waste with Mille-Tie

Of course the Mille-Rod Polymer Series push pull rod got lots of attention too. With the fact that you can get 14' of extra wire pulling reach in an 18" carry tube being the biggest plus.

While it's still in the development stage, you can buy either product here: http://www.mille-com/store


Last Updated ( Tuesday, 02 November 2010 11:13 )
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